Announcing This Week's Top Proposals and Celebrating this Week's Leading Contributors | 06/08/23

Hello Celo Academy Community

We are excited to present this week’s top voted proposals! The innovative ideas and collaborative efforts of our community continue to enhance our shared learning space. Here are the 15 (actually 17 due to a 5 way tie!) proposals that have most inspired your enthusiasm this week, which will soon be developed into comprehensive tutorials and guides.

Check out our selection process for top proposals here along with our technical guidelines and community guidelines used to ensure a high quality learning experience for every Celo developer.

This Week’s Top 17 Proposals

  1. A decentralized marketplace for buying and selling digital assets like domain names, trademarks, and intellectual property on Celo
    Proposed by Thompsonogoyi1t, this innovative topic gathered 28 votes.

  2. Creating a Celo-Based Decentralized eSports Platform
    Qtech’s captivating proposal received 27 votes.

  3. Interact with celo blockchain using web3-Php
    An insightful tutorial by Shuqroh97 that got 26 votes.

  4. Database for Building a Decentralized Payment App on Celo
    A detailed guide by Olusegun which collected 25 votes.

  5. Integrating Celo Identity-Preserving DApp Development into Mobile App using Flutter
    This proposal by Johnigwe received 23 votes.

  6. Creating a Piggy Bank Dapp on Celo using Celo Composer
    EmiriDbest proposed a practical guide that also gathered 23 votes.

  7. Building on Celo: Exploring and Leveraging the Ecosystem Partners for Enhanced Dapp Development
    A proposal by Elijah007 with 22 votes.

  8. Celo-based Decentralized File Sharing Platform
    A proposal from Lanacreates, also with 22 votes.

  9. Celo Privacy and Confidential Transactions: Exploring Privacy Features and Techniques on the Celo Blockchain
    Encrypted’s proposal also gained 22 votes.

  10. Building Agro Supply Chain Smart Contracts with Solidity on Celo
    A detailed proposal by Kyrian that received 22 votes.

  11. Hacking A Smart Contract: Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Your Smart Contract on Celo and a Guide in Securing it
    Proposed by Kinyichukwu, this guide gathered 22 votes.

  12. Building a Decentralized Fundraiser on the Celo blockchain Part 2
    A sequel to an existing tutorial by Danielogbuti, this tutorial proposal received 22 votes.

  13. Understanding Celo native assets and how they can be useful in your DApps
    SasaniEldis has proposed a useful guide for developers that has gathered 21 votes.

  14. Celo Gas Optimization Strategies with Solidity Assembly to Improve Smart Contract Development Efficiency
    Southpaw’s tutorial on gas optimization strategies has received 21 votes.

  15. Smart Contract Security on Celo with sfuzz
    Bobelr’s proposal on ensuring smart contract security garnered 21 votes.

  16. Step-by-Step Tutorial: Building a P2P Startup Investment Smart Contract with Solidity and Deploying it on the Celo Blockchain
    Maxwellonyeka2487’s proposal has gathered 21 votes.

  17. Building a Farm-to-Table Tracking Solution on Celo Blockchain Using React-Celo (Part 2)
    Joel’s part two of the farm-to-table tracking solution tutorial also received 21 votes.

We’re thrilled by the innovative ideas and dedication to knowledge sharing displayed by our community.

This Weeks Leading Contributors

We would also like to highlight this week’s most prolific contributors from our leaderboard .

  1. Samuel_Okoro – Your contributions have been absolutely amazing. Thank you for your dedication to the Celo Academy community.
  2. Balq – We are inspired by your continuous contributions and commitment. Keep it up!
  3. kinyichukwu – You’ve been a valuable contributor this week. Thanks for your efforts!

In recognition of their tireless efforts to drive community engagement, they can now choose a topic from their proposals to be developed into a full tutorial. Please tag @CeloAcademy with a link to this post on any of your proposals you’d like to get started! We deeply appreciate your contributions.

Thanks for your Support

Thank you all for being an active part of our learning community. We can’t wait to see what new ideas you’ll share with us next week! Keep learning, keep sharing, and let’s grow together. Stay tuned for the tutorials based on these exciting proposals.

All the best,
Joe Nyzio
Developer Relations at Celo Foundation


Amazing one this week. Congrats to the authors of all approved proposals. Again congrats to @kinyichukwu @Balq and @Samuel_Okoro. A huge shoutout to the @Celo_Academy for his tireless efforts.


Thanks @Celo_Academy

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