Call for Proposals: Guidelines for Celo Academy Community


We value your input and creativity in creating engaging and valuable content for our community. As we strive to align our objectives, we are implementing a set of guidelines and procedures for tutorial proposals to ensure a cohesive and productive environment. These guidelines are aimed at achieving specific goals while still welcoming diverse insights from the community.

Proposing New Tutorials

  • New Topic Submission: Navigate to the Proposals category and select ‘+ New Topic’ to submit your proposal.
  • Completing the Proposal Form:
    • Title: Create a clear, concise, and descriptive title indicating the tutorial’s objective.
    • Description: A roughly 100-word overview describing the tutorial’s purpose, the tech stack involved, and the benefits to the reader.

Here are a few examples to guide your submission:

Example Titles and Descriptions

  • “Truffle and Celo | The Ultimate Guide to Deploy Celo dApps with Truffle”
  • “How to Quickly Build an NFT Collection on Celo”
  • “Celo CLI: A Practical Guide to Energize your Celo Toolkit”
  • “Celo Composer: Extend and Customize your Full-Stack Mobile dApps”

Topics to Consider in Proposals

Your tutorial should be:

  • Celo-specific: Focus on Celo and its developer tools.
  • Developer-centric: Aim to assist developers in crafting unique and exciting dApps on Celo.
  • Advanced: Target intermediate to advanced topics.
  • Code-driven: Provide actionable steps that culminate in the development of a smart contract or full-stack application deployed on the Celo Network.
  • Associated with a GitHub Repository: The tutorial should be accompanied by a GitHub repository accessible to readers.

Topics to Avoid

Please refrain from including:

  • Conceptual or theoretical topics devoid of actual code or dApp examples.
  • Any form of investment or financial advice.
  • Subjects already covered in other articles or tutorials within or outside the Celo Ecosystem.

Common Mistakes in Submissions

Be careful to avoid:

  • Titles and descriptions that do not reference Celo.
  • Basic or introductory topics.
  • Topics already covered in other tutorials.
  • Descriptions that are vague, very brief, or fail to define the tutorial’s focus.
  • Proposals describing a series of tutorials without detailing any individual tutorial.
  • Tools currently not available on Celo
  • Failure to describe the tools and specifics of what is being developed.

Non-Technical Topics for Consideration

We may also consider:

  • Product demos that exhibit the use and interaction of tools in the Celo ecosystem.
  • Advanced topics focusing on new, novel, or theoretically intricate tools in the Celo ecosystem.

Note: Proposals failing to meet these guidelines will be archived with a note explaining why it was not accepted and a link to this post. You can submit a new idea at any time as long as it adheres to these guidelines.

For any queries, kindly drop your comments in the Celo Discord #celo-sage channel.

Thank you and we look forward to your amazing proposals!

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