How to Participate in Our Community-Driven Proposal Voting Process


When it comes to learning, Celo Academy believes in the power of collaboration and shared interests. To ensure we offer the most valuable and relevant tutorials, we’ve adopted a community voting process. This way, top voted tutorials align with the goals and interests of our dedicated Celo developer community. Each week, the top tutorials (~10-15) are approved for development, based on your votes.

Creating a Proposal: Shape the Learning Experience

If you have a tutorial idea to share with the community, follow these simple steps to create a proposal:

  1. Visit the Proposals > New Requests section on the Celo Academy website and click New Topic to begin crafting your proposal.

  1. Provide a title, tags, and description of your tutorial. For guidance on creating an impactful proposal, refer to the proposal guidelines.

  1. Click Create New Topic to submit your idea, making it visible to the community in the proposals section.

  1. View can your topic idea and the number of votes on your proposal topic page.

  1. You can also view your proposal and the number of votes from the Proposal > New Requests page.

  1. Explore the proposals section and sort by votes to discover the top voted New Requests.

Voting on Proposals: Choose What Matters to You

Help shape the future of Celo Sage tutorials by voting on proposals that resonate with you:

  1. Browse through the proposals in the Proposals > New Requests to find topics that pique your interest and align with your learning goals.

  1. Cast your vote by clicking on the vote button - you may place one vote per topic.

  1. Watch the vote count increase, confirming your vote has been registered.

  1. Sort the proposal section by votes to see which topics are leading the race.

Conclusion: The Future of Learning, Together

By participating in the tutorial selection process, you’re actively contributing to the growth and success of the Celo Academy and improving the learning experience for everyone. Your voice matters, and together, we’ll continue to create an enriching learning environment that caters to our collective interests and aspirations. So, don’t hesitate to propose your ideas and vote for your favorite tutorials – let’s shape the future of learning, together!