Announcing: Celo Academy Season 14 Playbook

Hello Celo Sage Community

We are pleased to officially unveil the Celo Academy Season 14 Playbook. This cateogory defines our strategic direction for the upcoming quarter (July to September 2023) and encompasses a range of initiatives aimed at fostering an empowering and collaborative environment within the Celo ecosystem.

Inside the Playbook

Celo Academy Mission, Vision, and Values

Discover our core mission, vision, and values that shape the foundation of Celo Academy.

Visit Celo Academy Overview to learn more.

Season 14 Overview

Gain insights into the overall plan and goals for Season 14.

Visit Celo Academy Season 14 Goals to learn more.

A Closer Look: Season 14 Goals

Delve deeper into our specific goals for Season 14. Follow the links below to explore each goal individually:

From Goals to Roles

Support for Contributors

We are committed to supporting each member in alignment with their interests, skills, and career aspirations, creating a nurturing and respectful environment.

Visit Celo Sage Support to learn more

Upcoming Initiatives

Discover our proposal for the Web3 Educators Guild and join us in building the future of blockchain education. This list of initiatives will continue to grow as we begin discussions with interested community members!

Visit Proposal for the Web3 Educators Guild

Join the Effort and Collaborate

We earnestly invite community members to participate in the execution of this playbook. Your insights, skills, and dedication are invaluable.

  1. Check out the Resources Linked Above: Familiarize yourself with the playbook and gain a comprehensive understanding of our goals and plans.
  2. Select a Role: Review the playbook and identify a functional role that aligns with your interests and expertise.
  3. Join the Relevant Group: Each functional role has an associated group. Join the group that corresponds to your selected role to engage in focused discussions and collaboration.
  4. Engage in Discussions and Propose Initiatives: Within your chosen group , actively participate in discussions, share your insights, and propose new initiatives. We highly value proposals that generate significant interest and support from the community.

Interested in other ways to contribute? Check out Reward Opportunities for Building a Stronger Celo Academy Together.

Looking Ahead for Celo Academy

This is a defining moment in our journey, and your participation can have a monumental impact on the success of Season 14. Together, we can shape the future of Celo Academy and the broader Web3 ecosystem. We eagerly anticipate moving forward hand-in-hand with each and every one of you. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

Thank you for being a valuable member of the Celo Sage Community.